About Alexs Gore

Alexandra Horenburg (Alex's Gore) is an  Up and coming New York City based makeup artist.

As a Child Alex was always interested in art whether that be makeup,writing or music. From a young age she was watching horror movies.The transformation of  talent fascinated Alex whether it be beauty or gore she wanted to learn how these characters were created.

Alex began making herself into these monsters. Recreating the characters she saw  in films by teaching herself special effects makeup in 2010 and later moving onto beauty.  Still as an adult Alex was fascastioned with the transformative factors of makeup and wanted to learn the  professional process of applying makeup this led Alex to start her professional education in 2019 at Makeup Designory (MUD). Alex graduated from the masters program. She completed  the intense training MUD provides from a series of  beauty and fashion photo shoots and designing a range of characters and producing them. Alex has had clients during Halloween transforming them into different characters for events.

She looks forward to evolving and refining her art. Alex is planning to move to California to pursue film and television.She may attend another course once in California to further her skills.

She would like to pursue the horror and alternative industry whether that be film or fashion.

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